Who are we

We are a group of Christians who believe God’s word is for everyone no matter what disability they may have and that everyone should be able to worship God freely. There are no age restrictions currently members that attend are from 14-45.

Hello all,
Alex’s funeral will be Sunday at 1pm at  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1489 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, 23451. His obituary should be in the paper on Friday. His family has asked that in lieu of flowers donations be made to Hope House Foundation, 801 Boush Street, Norfolk, VA 23510.alex4
As all of his Chosen Ministry friends we will  have a celebration of his life on Monday night, March 30 at 6:30pm at Holy Family We are planning everything around Alex’s favorite things…food, teams, colors. Grayson will sing a song or two and Darryll will say a few words and he has put together a picture show to remind us of Alex’s wonderful smile and how his challenges seemed to motivate us, and didn’t keep him from doing things he wanted to do. Our celebration will be in our Chosen Style……informal……( I have been told we need to have some dance music..so a few minutes of that will happen also)
.Alex’s favorites:( that I know about)
His favorite teams: Cowboys and Redskins…yes both (so if you have either of these shirts wear   them)
Favorite Foods: pickles,cheese, ham, pineapple, and especially chocolate
Favorite colors: yellow and blue(so if you don’t have his fav football team shirt wear these)
We will not have pizza, but eat his favorite foods. Finger foods were good for Alex as it was something he could feed himself.
Mark and Sherrie Darwin are bringing a sheet cake…
  Please let me know if you are planning on attending and what you can bring.   ( If you can’t bring anything, come anyway) I only need to know so we can make sure we have all of his favorite foods..apparently he liked all food..so anything is good.
I will also have area set up so that if you would like to make a card for Alex’s parents you may. We will mail them to them. I have asked for his parents address so that if anyone wants to mail them a card you may.
If anyone knows anything else…please let me know. I have not planned an occasion of this nature before, so want to make sure I didn’t forget anything.
See you Monday evening and maybe Sunday afternoon..
“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much. ”
Mother Teresa

Camp meeting for Monday is cancelled and will be held the last Monday in April.

Well here we grow again. Announcing a new Chosen Ministry site! Midtown Norfolk at Riverside Baptist Church Norfolk.

First meeting is the second Thursday night in April. April 9th 6:30-8:00! We will meet the second Thursday of each month through the summer also!  Click here for google maps

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